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       The differences between collegiate and freestyle wrestling

  • Are allowed to lock around your opponents waist without one of his arms when you both are on the ground
  • Pushing your opponent out of the ring will award you one point
  • Also if you throw someone (like with a suplex) then you automatically win the match if his legs go above his head
  • If your on bottom and your opponent is on top of you then you can stall because if 15 seconds go by and your opponent can not get any points on you then the match is stopped and started back in neutral position
  •  Lastly if you want to get back points on someone (like if your doing a half nelson) then in freestyle wrestling his back only has to break a 90 degree angle to start recieving points where in collegiate wrestling your opponents back has to break a 45 degree angle.
  •           - If you dont know what (his back breaking 90 degree's or 45 degree's is) well say your on the mat and laying on your side. Then your back and the mat are making a 90 degree angle. So if someone pushes you over a little or a lot so your back is more facing the mat then if you break one of those degrees depending on what type of wreslting your doing then your opponent will start getting awarded points




  • Fall or Pin: Both shoulder blades held on mat for 2 continuous seconds, match ends
  • Technical Fall: 10-point margin and the match ends- but don't confuse this with collegiate wrestling because then you need a 15 point margin
  • Injury Default: Athlete can not continue, match ends
  • Decision: The athlete who scores the most points in a bout and wins

  How to Recieve Points

  • 1 point: takedown, reversal, hand-to-hand exposure, escape
  • 1 extra point: high amplitude throw from mat or holding opponent on back for five seconds
  • 2 points: for exposing opponents back to the mat
  • 3 points: takedown; high amplitude throw without danger
  • 5 points: high amplitude throw

       Penalty Calls

  • Illegal hold = 1 point plus caution
  • 2nd Illegal hold = 2 points plus caution
  • Fleeing the mat = 1 or 2 points plus caution
  • Fleeing the hold = 1 point plus caution

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