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For those who are interested in doing some Mixed Martial Arts Fighting I decided to broaden the info on this site by including some UFC info on it. Enjoy!

Weight Classes:

Lightweights = over 145 lbs. - 155 lbs.

Welterweights = over 155 lbs. - 170 lbs.

MIddleweights = over 170 lbs. - 185 lbs.

Light Heavyweights = over 185 lbs. to 205 lbs. 

Heavyweights = over 205 lbs. - 265 lbs.



  • All rounds are five minutes long
  • There is a one minute break between each round
  • For non-championship bouts there is three rounds
  • For championship bouts there are five rounds


Ways Someone Can Win:

  • Submission: Can occur with either a physical tap out or verbally tapping out
  • Technical Submission: This happens when the referee has to stop the fight because either an injury occured or a fighter goes unconscious because of a choke hold
  • Knockout: When a fighter goes unconscious from a blow that is legal or the fighter cannot continue immediately after being hit
  • Technical Knockout: Happens when a fighter cannot continue fighting but there are different types or categories for a technical knockout-
  1. Doctor Stopping the Fight: Happens when a fighter substains an injury such as having a cut above the eye and blood is running into the fighter's eye/eyes and blinding him.
  2. Corner Stopping the Fight: The fighters cornerman signals that their fighter is defeated
  • Judges Decision: Tally all three judges scorecards to see who won the fight but there are different ways this can go-
  1. Unanimous Decision: All of the judges chose the same fighter as the winner
  2. Split Decision: Two judges chose the same fighter as the winner while the third judge chose the other fighter as the winner.
  3. Majority Decision: Two judges chose the same fighter as the winner while the third judge claims that the fight was a draw

Types of Draws:

  1. Unanimous: All of the three judges say the fight is a draw
  2. Majority: Two of the judges say its a draw while the third judge did pick one fighter to be the winner
  3. Split: One judge says one fighter one while another judge says the other fighter won and the third judge says its a draw



  • Biting                      
  • Pulling Hair
  • Fish Hooking
  • Eye gougin
  • Head Butting
  • Faking injury
  • Throat Strikes
  • Grabbing Clavicle
  • Spitting at Opponent
  • Holding the ropes or fence
  • Using "abusive" language in the ring
  • Attacking opp. during a break
  • Attacking opp. who is being taken care of by the referee
  • Attacking opponent after the bell has signaled the end of the period
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct that results in an injury to your opponent.
  • Grabbing clavicle
  • Striking opp. to the "canvas on his head or neck"
  • Attacking the Groin
  • Clawing
  • Pinching
  • Twisting Skin
  • Hitting the spine or back of head
  • Small joint Manipulation
  • Kicking head of opponent on ground
  • Kneeing head of opponent on ground
  • Putting finger into an orfice or any cuts on opponent
  • Striking downward with point of the elbow
  • Stomping a opponent on ground
  • kicking with heel to opp. kidney
  • Disregarding the referee's instructions
  • Avoiding Contact with opp., consistently dropping mouthpiece
  • Holding opp. shorts or gloves
  • Throwing your opp. out of the ring/fenced area
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